Fuel up your Genmo creations


Genmo is free for hobbyists.

  • 100 daily fuel (resets at midnight UTC)
  • Watermark on creations
  • CC-BY-NC 4.0 license



Generate with 10x more fuel every day and no watermarks

  • 1000 daily fuel (resets at midnight UTC)
  • Watermark-free generation
  • Priority access to new models

To ensure Genmo is available for all of its users, we enforce a fuel system. That means each chat or creation will consume a small amount of fuel. Fuel balances automatically reset each day at midnight UTC (in 19h 40m).

If you need more fuel, you can purchase a subscription to Genmo Turbo. This will give you 10x more fuel every day, the ability to remove watermarks, immediate access to Genmo Chat and commercial use for results.

See the terms of service for limitations on commercial use.